Moho 13 - Now Available!
Moho Debut 13

Moho Debut 13

Moho Debut 13, formerly Anime Studio, is animation software that will forever change how you animate and what you create. Whether you’re a professional or you want to animate like one, start using Moho 13 Debut today.

Digital $59.99     

Includes language support for: English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese (Simplified) and Japanese.
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Complete 2D Animation Software for Beginners

Moho® Debut 13 (formerly Anime Studio Debut) for beginner animators is fun, easy, and exciting. It's a great tool for artistic expression and ideal for any age group. While it is very affordable, this entry-level animation software program is also very powerful. You won't find your ideas or projects limited by the features of the software. Detailed video tutorials make learning the tools a snap and pre-made content and characters help you get started right away. Get you or your kids started today!

Moho Debut 13 is easy-to-use 2D animation software that’s perfect for beginners. We’re not limiting your creativity with software that is difficult to learn. Whether you’re looking for fun or for function, your only limitations are what you can imagine.

And when you’re ready for advanced features, Moho Pro 13 is your next step in advancing the animation skills and capabilities you’ve gained. With new and enhanced Pro-only features and capabilities, you can take your animation abilities to the next level—a level you’ve only dreamed of, so far.

Moho animation software has been used around the world to create amazing animations in classrooms, homes, professional studios, agencies, and OSCAR® nominated films.

What will you animate?

What’s New in Moho Debut 13

Bitmap Frame by Frame Capabilities

Moho 13 Debut allows you to create traditional style animations by combining the new Bitmap Tools with Image Based Frame-by-Frame Layers. You can also optimize your experience by creating a storyboard or animatic right in Moho.

New Bitmap Drawing Tools

In the new Moho 13 Debut, you’re able to use bitmap drawing tools to create unique textures and effects right in Moho using built-in default bitmap brushes. Use the Bitmap Fill Bucket Tool to quickly fill and color in large areas of pixels when creating backgrounds or altering the color of an image layer texture. Control bitmap brush output based on velocity, direction, and pressure.

Professional-Quality Characters

Kickstart your project in Moho by using characters created by animation industry professionals. Explore their rigs, movements, and surrounding scenes to learn new techniques. Use Moho’s full library to inspire your imagination.

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